What are an educator's indispensable tech tools?

 //  Jul 23, 2013

What are an educator's indispensable tech tools?

A couple of recent blog posts I’ve read have me thinking: What are an educator's indispensable tech tools?

Peter DeWitt writes here about how Twitter has become such a valuable tool for networking and bonding with other educators. And Glenn Wiebe blogged about the essential tech in his “travel bag” and what he says are tools a social studies teacher can’t live without. The list includes services like Dropbox and Facebook, sources of content like the Library of Congress’ website, and a texting service for messaging students and parents.

For me, many things are a given (laptop, smartphone for remote access to email and social tools, Microsoft Word and Excel, and others). In addition, I’d have a hard time doing my job without an RSS reader. I currently use Feedly (now that Google Reader is gone) to stay on top of the news and conversations about education, teaching and learning. Tweetdeck is also indispensable for me since I keep an eye on several Scholastic Twitter accounts.

For the educators or school administrators out there: What are YOUR indispensable tech tools? Essential devices? Sources of incredible content for your students? Is there a tool you use in your classroom that you simply couldn’t do without?

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