Teachers: Here’s Your 5-Minute Inspiration

 //  Oct 11, 2021

Teachers: Here’s Your 5-Minute Inspiration

As we go through the hustle and bustle of our day to day work—the planning, grading, and everything in between—it can be difficult to find time to stay up-to-date with current best practices in education.

As teachers, we are passionate practitioners who are eager to learn, do, and redo, but we need the opportunity to observe and learn from each other’s practice. To help teachers find innovative ideas and inspiration from fellow educators, Scholastic Education Solutions has created a new series featuring 5-minute prep periods aka “prep talks.”

Each Prep Talk episode includes practical tips from real teachers across relevant, timely topics for today’s classroom, dividing knowledge transfer into three parts. They begin with the WHY: a question that should be explored or a challenge that needs to be solved. Next, is the HOW: the approach or strategy that the teacher uses in their classroom. And finally, the WHAT: the results and benefits for their students, and takeaways that all teachers can start thinking about and implementing with their own students.

Below, you can watch the first #ScholasticPrepTalk episode where 4th grade teacher Evan Nisbet shares his secret to getting kids to read. “My passion is getting kids motivated to read,” shares Mr. Nisbet. “More than anything, teachers, get to know your students that first month. Invest the time. Find out what their interests are.”

Stay tuned for future episodes, which will be available on YouTube here.