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Support for You and Your Students: Chaos at the U.S. Capitol

 //  Jan 7, 2021

Support for You and Your Students: Chaos at the U.S. Capitol

The following is a letter from Lauren Tarshis, SVP, Editor in Chief and Publisher, Scholastic Classroom Magazines.

Editor’s Note: This blog post was updated January 14th, 2021

100 years ago, Scholastic was founded with a single classroom magazine and a clear mission: to help children understand the world and themselves.

Today, our world is more complicated than ever. That single magazine has grown into a division of more than 25 print and digital resources. But our classroom magazine editors are still guided by our founding mission—and the extraordinary connection we have with teachers around the country.

On January 6th, as rioters attacked the U.S. Capitol, we heard from hundreds of teachers. They wanted to be prepared for student questions. They wanted to turn these events into teachable moments about civics and democracy. They knew they could count on us for clear, fact-based, and age-appropriate resources.

In the days since, our editors have created articles about the Capitol riot and impeachment. We have worked with a trusted expert who offers guidance for addressing the range of emotions children might be coping with as they hear about these troubling events.

We’ve also made available some basic civics resources for teachers using these events as teaching opportunities. In the coming days, we will add articles about the inauguration and any important news developments.

We are proud to partner with you in giving children the facts they need to understand their world—and to feel hopeful about our future.

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