Student Reporters Get Real World Experience on the Campaign Trail

 //  Mar 1, 2016

Student Reporters Get Real World Experience on the Campaign Trail

Last month, the CBS Evening News ran a feature about Scholastic News Kid Reporters on the campaign trail. “There’s no democracy without journalism,” CBS anchor Scott Pelley said.

We are especially proud of the reporting that our young journalists have done during the presidential race. They have gotten stories for their peers about covering the Iowa caucuses, going behind the scenes at a Republican debate, and talking with supporters at a Bernie Sanders rally. They’ve also posed tough questions of journalists.

Our reporters, who are between the ages of 10 and 14, have asked the candidates about issues that matter to kids. Their stories bring an immediacy to the campaign that readers of our news site relish.

Going into the fray at political events, in turn, offers young reporters a chance to cultivate invaluable skills. As Lilian Jochmann and Bobby Sena explain in this Scholastic Reads podcast episode, “Kids on the Campaign Trail,” covering a story takes resourcefulness, confidence, and background knowledge. Our reporters learn to listen carefully—not just to political candidates, but also to voters, journalists, and young people.

Most important, they love what they do. We hope that your students will follow the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps on the campaign trail to stay informed about issues that will shape their future.