Social Media, Independent Reading and Reading Aloud: The Stories You Loved

 //  Jul 21, 2017

Social Media, Independent Reading and Reading Aloud: The Stories You Loved

It's the middle of the summer, that time when the last school year (and even Independence Day) is a distant memory. Most of us are looking ahead to the coming school year, which approaches with varying degrees of imminence depending on where you are. 

Now is the perfect time for a mid-year check-in to see which stories resonated with readers most since last summer. It turns out that social media, independent reading and reading aloud with older students are the topics that you most wanted to read about!

In descending order, the top five most-read stories from July 2016 to July 2017.

5. Two years into Twitter: transformed by the community of educators by Steve Wyborney

Steve wrote one of our most popular posts of all time: Twitter education chats: An astonishing source of professional development, from 2014. Two years later, he returned with a follow-up on using social media for professional development.

4. Independent Reading: A Reading Achievement Game-Changer by Laura Robb

We know from the Teacher & Principal Report: Focus on Literacy, that the vast majority of educators (94%) agree that students should have time during the school day to read a book of their choice independently. But they identify demands of curriculum as the primary barrier to increased time spent on independent reading. Robb addresses the importance of independent reading and some of the ways that teachers can get it done in their classrooms.

3. Riveting Read-Alouds (How and Why to Read Aloud with Older Students) by Janet Allen

Many educators see the value in reading aloud with younger students. Here, Janet Allen lays out the compelling case for doing so with kids who are older, independent readers.

2. Creating a School Culture that Values Independent Reading by Evan Robb

Principal Evan Robb explains how school leaders can create a culture of reading in their schools, and offers simple, actionable strategies.

And finally...

1. Three Reasons School Librarians Should Use Twitter by Todd Burleson

School Library Journal School Librarian of the Year Todd Burleson explains why, and how, school librarians can use Twitter for professional learning.