Small changes go far in Common Core implementation

 //  Jun 10, 2013

Small changes go far in Common Core implementation

Our team at Storyworks magazine benefits from insights from our extended “family” of teacher subscribers around the country. We’re getting great tips on Common Core implementation, like this one from the wonderful Michele Miner, a learning specialist for the Pittsfield, Mass., school district.

Like in many districts, Pittsfield’s teachers are working hard to make small changes in their teaching approaches to align with Common Core. Below are examples of how they are changing the wording of questions they’re asking on their 3rd-5th grade ELA assessments:

  • "Which piece of dialogue supports the...."
  • "The most important lesson....."
  • "The theme of this passage...."
  • "What could the reader conclude...."
  • "What mood does the author create...."
  • "Use specific evidence from the text to...."
  • "Make a logical inference from....."
  • "How does the author support his or her claim..."
  • "With which statement would the author most likely agree...."

It’s been fascinating for us to see how small tweaks can completely change the nature of questions, yes?