A school with no bells

 //  Dec 17, 2013

A school with no bells

The phrase “college and career ready” is taking on a new meaning at Rancho Mirage High School, in the Palm Springs Unified School District. In addition to ensuring all students meet the required English and Mathematics skills for continuing their educations or getting jobs, Rancho Mirage High School is also focusing on accountability by removing the bell system. The decision to remove the bell, that alerts students of class start and dismissal times, was done to help prepare students for collegiate and workforce lifestyles.

In the article, Principal Ken Wagner said, “The lack of bells is meant to enhance the campus’ collegiate atmosphere by demanding students keep track of their own schedule.”

Although the administration seems to be pleased with the system, saying it give students more responsibility and limits the amount of loitering in the hallways, some parents aren’t on board. One parent argued that the system is unfair to students who don’t own a watch or carry a cellphone.

Educators: Do you support the “no bell” school system? Why or why not?