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Research Shows the Benefits of Summer Reading!

 //  Jun 15, 2021

Research Shows the Benefits of Summer Reading!

The long awaited summer months are finally here, and while fun in the sun is top of mind for us all, we’re also thinking about how we can help encourage students to keep reading over the summer.

Summer reading is critical, not only for helping kids maintain learning while school is out, but also for fostering social-emotional development, discovering the joy of stories, and elevating the importance of lifelong learning.

Educators and parents agree summer reading matters. According to the Scholastic Teacher & Principal School Report, 96% of educators agree that providing year-round access to books at home is important to enhancing student achievement. And according to the Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report™: 7th Edition, 94% of parents agree that reading books over the summer will help their child during the school year.

In addition to academic benefits, there are powerful social-emotional impacts when kids read. Eighty-three-percent of educators say reading helps students understand people that are different than them, 81% say reading helps students develop empathy, and 81% say reading helps students see themselves in characters and stories.
In addition, 74% of kids say that reading fiction and nonfiction helps them understand the world. That’s pretty special!

When it comes to encouraging summer reading, we know that when kids choose, they read! Eighty-nine-percent of kids agree “My favorite books are the ones that I have picked out myself.”

And all formats for reading materials are great. For instance, graphic novels and comic books are nearly equally as popular among frequent and infrequent readers.

Here is an infographic highlighting this data and more on the importance of summer reading (click the image to access the full size):

To learn more about ways to support summer reading in your district, including the fun, free and safe digital Scholastic Summer Reading program, visit:

Now through September 3, kids who participate in the Scholastic Summer Reading program can interact with friends old and new, meet their favorite authors, read free e-books, watch read-aloud videos, play book-based games, and start and keep Reading Streaks™ to help to unlock a donation of 100,000 books from Scholastic distributed by Save the Children to kids with limited or no access to reading materials.

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