Reimagining Education, Approaches for Teaching English-Language Learners, and More

 //  Jul 2, 2021

Reimagining Education, Approaches for Teaching English-Language Learners, and More

Here are a few of the education stories we’ve bookmarked recently.

How Students Want to Reimagine Education Next Year

Neema Avashia, an eighth-grade civics teacher in the Boston public schools, asked her students to reimagine education to give them an opportunity to “build out a wholly different vision for education than the one they themselves have experienced.” Their responses ranged from schedules and course offerings, to grading and their vision of the ideal teacher.

Helping Students Cope With a Difficult Year

Many students, and teachers, have experienced loss and trauma over the last year as well as increases in depression and anxiety. To help their students, who may be experiencing unresolved traumas, heal from this stress and loss, teachers can try to implement strategies rooted in emotional regulation, self-growth, and relationship building.

Four Educator-Recommended Approaches for Teaching English-Language Learners

For Classroom Q&A, hour educators share the single most effective instructional strategy they’ve used to teach English-language learners. Their advice includes providing sentence stems and frames for speaking and writing, engaging students in translanguaging, and rotating reading groups.

ISTE 2021: District tech leaders share pandemic learning takeaways in 'bootcamp'

In a virtual session during this year’s ISTE conference, district technology leaders discussed pandemic responses and the best practices that will persist as schools return to full-time, in-person learning. The conversation also highlighted the need for empathy and grace in making sure technology users were supported, expanding opportunities for districts to collaborate, and adjusting strategies for new technology as students return to school.