Quote: The warping effects of repeated failure

 //  Aug 29, 2013

Quote: The warping effects of repeated failure

This quote is pulled from a thought-provoking article in this month's Harpers (subscription required) about the logic of requiring high school students to take Algebra II -- a subject notorious for frustrating students and turning them off from math for the rest of their lives.

The quote gets to the heart of the helplessness and hopelessness that struggling students often feel -- not just in math, but also in reading and other subjects.

Here are a few thoughts from David Dockterman on how to encourage perseverance in students and motivate students with a history of failure.

(In case you don't subscribe to Harpers, there's plenty of interesting reading out there related to the fear of algebra, including a 2012 NY Times op-ed, and this Washington Monthly post in which this quote was originally posted in the comments.)