Pencil, no computer mouse down

 //  Jun 14, 2013

Pencil, no computer mouse down

Common Core implementation is under various stages throughout the country with a common thread, the assessments are coming.  While some states are already working with new tests, the two consortia preparing the next generation assessments are starting to provide us with more and more information. Smarter Balanced has recently made sample questions available here.  

In my ed-nerd ways, I actually took sample tests including the math test for 3rd grade.  These tests are far more engaging than any standardized test I took back in the day.  Keep in mind though, they are meant to be computer-based only.  So I did leave the experience in awe of the computer-savvy our young students will need. 

Even while we are certainly on the road to digital and technological access in schools, and we are absolutely teaching digital natives, will we see a gap in ability to administer and take these exams?  How will that gap be filled and can it be done quickly enough? Go and take a few sample questions and see what you think. 

Photo via r-z