A New Early Learning and PreK Online Resource

 //  Nov 18, 2015

A New Early Learning and PreK Online Resource

In recent years, community leaders around the country have placed a growing emphasis on early childhood education, recognizing that a solid foundation of language and social and emotional skills serves children well throughout their lives. Scholastic has created an Early Learning & PreK website, with resources for preschool teachers and administrators.

On the site, you’ll find free, easy-to-do activities for young learners, as well as a sampling of our classroom books and products. In the weeks ahead, we’ll be adding an overview of state and federal funding streams, the latest research about early education and brain development, and links to state Early Education departments.

Here is a sampling of the classroom activities you’ll find:

  • Classroom Colony -- Students can decorate and connect hexagons to create a bee colony.
  • The Mitten Story -- An ancient Ukranian story inspires this mitten-making craft.

What else would you like to see on the site?