New Digital Hub to Keep Students Learning During School Closures

 //  Mar 13, 2020

New Digital Hub to Keep Students Learning During School Closures

Closing a school or district is not an easy decision, and preparing to provide long or short term instructional content while students are away from the classroom is challenging. Whether you’re an educator in the midst of the closure planning process, or if this is already a reality for you and your school community, Scholastic is here to support you.

We have created Scholastic Learn at Home to support virtual learning plans if school is disrupted due to coronavirus. Learn more here:

This completely free website provides all students with exciting learning journeys that cover ELA, STEM, Science, Social Studies, and Social Emotional Learning, designed to captivate students and keep them academically active while school is closed. Teachers can also arrange virtual learning meet-ups to discuss and expand on any of the digital resources.

Lauren Tarshis, Senior Vice President & Editor-in-Chief/Publisher, Scholastic Classroom Magazines, explains, “As more and more teachers, students, and families around the world are affected by the coronavirus, our priority is to support them in the best way we know how—by providing them with rich stories and meaningful projects that will keep kids academically active. We designed Scholastic Learn At Home knowing that administrators and teachers need to create extensive virtual learning plans, quickly, and that students need uplifting and engaging experiences. Our hope is that even though daily routines are being disrupted and students may not have valuable time in school with their educators, together we can support meaningful learning at home while it is necessary.”

Whether used independently or with their families, students will have access to approximately three hours of meaningful learning opportunities per day, including projects based on articles and stories from Scholastic Classroom Magazines, virtual field trips, reading and geography challenges, and more. The site includes 20+ days of learning journeys across four different grade spans: pre-K–K, grades 1–2, grades 3–5, and grades 6–9+.

All journeys are accessible any time, on any device, and are designed to limit the need for printing at home. Scholastic Learn at Home also includes access to the new digital community for kids, Scholastic Home Base.

We welcome you to share this free resource with your communities. Thank you for all you do to support students.