Meet the Kids Press Corps

 //  May 11, 2017

Meet the Kids Press Corps

“I’m very nitpicky,” I tell Titus Smith III in the latest Scholastic Reads podcast episode.

Titus is a Scholastic News Kid Reporter, and I am his editor. Editors are nitpicky. So, one hopes, are surgeons. No detail is too small, Kid Reporters learn early. What is the full name of the person you interviewed? What exactly did he or she say? Why does it matter? 

This year, 39 students from around the world have served as members of the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps. They have filed stories about athletes, authors, musicians, and scientists

One young reporter told his peers about Lunar New Year celebrations in Guangzhou, China. Another explained what it’s like to live on a floating hospital off the coast of Africa

Our reporters have spoken with President Donald Trump, former First Lady Michelle Obama, and State Senator Cathy Breen of Maine. They’ve even gone to the circus!

Along the way, these young journalists have honed their writing skills, become more confident, and, in some cases, gotten lessons in punctuation. They have begun to read more voraciously, listen to others more intently, and assess information more critically. They know the difference between fact and opinion.

Kid Reporters also recognize the power of their own words. They are telling the stories of their generation—whether it’s how kids their age are raising awareness about environmental issues or giving back to the community. They are learning that everyone can make a difference!

See Our Reporters in Action

What is it like to be a Kid Reporter? Watch our reporters in action. If you know a 10- to 14-year-old who would like to apply to the program, here’s a link to our application form.


Photo via Scholastic News Kids Press Corps