Meet the 2014 National Teacher of the Year

 //  May 5, 2014

Meet the 2014 National Teacher of the Year

It seems only appropriate to kick off Teacher Appreciation Week by congratulating the newly named National Teacher of the Year, Sean McComb. 

An honor bestowed each year by the Council Chief State School Officers, Mr. McComb is the 64th National Teacher of the Year and hails from Maryland where he teaches English at Patapsco High School & Center for the Arts. In his video interview, you can see that teaching is a passion for him. He sees it not only as an opportunity to impart the skills students need, but a love of learning. Mr. McComb's video is particularly moving as you also learn that he gets to know his students on a personal level and therefore can also be a role model and a support system when needed. 

Meet Mr. McComb:

As we saw in the Primary Sources survey data of more than 20,000 teachers, 99% of teachers agree teaching is more than academics; it is also about reinforcing good citizenship, resilience and social skills. And to be a great teacher, you need the mastery of many skills and talents from managing the classroom and having high expectations to creating an environment where students feel safe to make mistakes and being interested in their lives. Mr. McComb has this in spades. Congratulations on being named National Teacher of the Year!

And to all amazing teachers in classrooms and in the hallways, thank you too! Everyone should remember to #thankateacher this week.