For the love of print and ereading

The New York Times
How Do EBooks Change the Reading Experience?

In case you missed it last week because of the holidays, The New York Times had this great piece in their Bookends section about ereading. Two writers, Moshin Hamid and Anna Holmes, share their thoughts on print vs. digital reading.

We know that ereading opens a wealth of opportunities to readers. It makes it easier to intergrate reading into busy lives, creates opportunities to learn more about a subject, allows an awesome search function, and there is a nice eco-friendly touch just to name a few. And advances in technology are just plain exciting. Still, there is always a place for print in my heart and I enjoyed seeing more of this discussion come to life. 

As Mr. Hamid said, "In a world of intrusive technology, we must engage in a kind of struggle if we wish to sustain moments of solitude." And from Ms. Holmes, "Besides, physical, paperbound books provide a sense memory that has informed so many of my most important encounters with storytelling: sight, smell and touch, yes, but also the experience of anticipation, progress and accomplishment." 

This sentiment from adults, we have also seen in children. From Scholastic's Kids & Family Reading Report, we know that even though the percent of kids ages 9-17 reported having read an ebook doubled in two years since the previous study, 58% agreed they will always want to read books printed on paper even though there are ebooks availble. And if you check out the report, they are savvy readers that choose the format to match the environment, i.e. in the car vs. in bed.

Hope you enjoy the article! What do you think about the digital vs. print reading experience?