Lessons Learned About Virtual School, How to Help Educators Learn New Technology, and More

 //  Dec 21, 2020

Lessons Learned About Virtual School, How to Help Educators Learn New Technology, and More

Here are a few of the education stories we’ve bookmarked recently.

5 Things We've Learned About Virtual School In 2020

Although educators believe remote learning has improved since the spring, many have experienced burnout trying to get and keep students connected with school both technologically and emotionally. NPR spoke with educators from six states, who share lessons learned this year around the digital divide, keeping kids engaged, and navigating hybrid models.

Thanks to Teachers, Learning Loss This Year Was Not As Bad As Projected, NWEA Finds

According to research from NWEA, students learned more through remote learning than education groups projected they would. Although students still learned less that they would during a typical school year, the organization credits the tireless work teachers continue to do throughout the pandemic for the progress students have made in both math and reading. “Teachers have done a pretty good job with the hand they’ve been dealt,” Chris Minnich, chief executive officer of NWEA said.

How to Be an Antiracist Educator: An Interview With Ibram X. Kendi

During a conversation with EdSurge, professor and author Ibram X. Kendi shared his perspective about inequitable education outcomes and how antiracist policy changes could benefit the students who grow up with the least access to resources in their homes and schools. In the interview, Kendi said, “I think we should understand, as great educators do, that every place is a classroom. And how do we prepare our students to enter into different classrooms and learn to be better people?”

How to Help Teachers Learn New Technology

With the rise of hybrid and remote learning, technology professional development for educators has become even more urgent. Nicole Rossi-Mumpower, an assistant principal at a high school in New Jersey, outlines how her school developed a plan, which included creating a digital learning team, soliciting questions and feedback, and hosting tech talks, to connect and support teachers.