Learning about creating on-demand PD

 //  Aug 12, 2014

Learning about creating on-demand PD

As education evolves at arguably one of the fastest paces we’ve seen, professional development needs to keep up to best prepare teachers so they in turn prepare our students. With the new school year upon us, what’s the best way to accomplish this? In my time with teachers, administrators and leading experts, I’ve seen a growing trend in PD – or in many cases now called professional learning – to incorporate some of the learning strategies known to work well with students.

Teachers, like students, are more engaged when they have an active role in their learning. Empowering them to choose not only what they learn, but also when they learn it, can enhance PD. One way to enable that is to embrace the opportunities presented by technology. With smartphones and tablets much more prevalent, offering content formatted for these tools can be the difference between a video watched and one that is only bookmarked.

For more tips on how to create on-demand professional development, tune into Thursday’s (August 14) virtual event at 2 pm EDT. Scholastic Administr@tor is hosting a panel of experts: Ann Cunningham-Morris of ASCD, Duncan Young of Scholastic Achievement Partners, and Jason Flom, director of the Cornerstone Learning Community school in Tallahassee, Florida. As moderator, I’ll be taking questions and together, we’ll show you strategies to personalize your professional development for each staff member. 

To register, visit this link: http://bit.ly/UX2jVI

Photo via Morten Oddvick