Helping kids get financially literate

 //  Nov 22, 2013

Helping kids get financially literate

Many states across the country have integrated financial literacy into school curriculum. This article describes some of the programs equipping Cincinnati teachers with information and classroom materials. Sparked by a 2010 state bill mandating the integration of economics and financial literacy into 9th grade curriculum, schools and banks have been working together to educate students of all ages. Local banks and teachers agree that teaching students to be savvy savers and spenders lays the foundation for personal financial success.

Programs currently in place include Teach Children to Save day, an annual event that brings bank volunteers into K-12 classrooms to teach lessons on the importance of saving. "For me, for you, for later" is an early childhood initiative that’s the result of a partnership between PNC and Sesame Street Workshop.

Does your community have a framework for teaching financial literacy? How do you help instill good saving and spending habits?

Photo: kenteegardin