Helping kids discover the real story

 //  Nov 21, 2017

Helping kids discover the real story

Last week we published three articles about engaging kids in civics education at every level: from the early grades, through elementary, into middle school and high school

In Civics for middle and high school students, editors Mary Kate Frank and Ian Zack emphasized the need for effective instruction around media literacy and fake news. In fact, the ability to read critically, to assess and evaluate information and opinions, and to consider source and context, is a deeply important skill set for kids to master as they prepare to become engaged citizens.

This week is Thanksgiving, and a few articles have popped up that pertain to helping kids read and think critically.

As we continually refine our strategies for teaching American history, many educators are helping students understand that the nuances of our shared experience is best viewed through a critical lens.

Below are two examples of how some folks are approaching the topic:

And finally, to bring us into the holiday, an inspiring (unrelated) story about a school principal who's doing great work :

Happy holidays!