Google in the classroom

 //  Oct 3, 2013

Google in the classroom

For most of us, Google plays a huge role in our lives. Whether we use it to search the Internet, get directions using Maps, or communicate with Gmail, it’s everywhere we turn, swipe, or click. But what is Google’s role in the classroom? Read on for some tools that can benefit both teachers and students.

Google Drive

Within Google Drive, you can store and collaborate on files, spreadsheets, and presentations. Teachers and students can access files from any web-enabled device. Enhance collaboration and assessment with these tips:

  • Add Voice Comments to Documents to provide feedback on student work. Watch this helpful tutorial on Kaizena, the app that enables this feature.
  • Create your own assessments in Google Forms, which allows you to embed images and YouTube videos, and collect responses in a connected spreadsheet. Want to grade these quizzes? Install Google Form script Flubaroo.

Google Search

Try these search tips and share them with your students:

  • Add search operators to help you get more specific answers (e.g., results from a specific site or publication).
  • Narrow your search to results from the past five years by adding “&as_qdr=y5” to the end of the URL. The date the content was published appears under the link to each search result.
  • Search Google Images with images by dragging and dropping the file into the search bar. How could this be useful? Have students take photos of plants on a nature walk, then identify the plants and begin their research.

Any other essential Google tips for the classroom? Add them in the comments below! 

Photo: 7OA