The Gender Gap in STEM, Making a Culturally Responsive Curriculum & More

 //  Nov 8, 2019

The Gender Gap in STEM, Making a Culturally Responsive Curriculum & More

Below are a few of the education stories we've bookmarked recently.

What Productive Talk Looks Like in the Elementary Grades

When she first started working in education, Susan O’Brien thought that the perfect classroom meant a room full of students sitting quietly in attention at their desks. Today, her ideal classroom looks a little different, with students working in groups, collaborating, and facilitating their own learning. “I taught my fifth-grade students talk moves—sentence stems and key phrases that help students speak, actively listen, and build on each other’s ideas.

Every Child Can Become a Lover of Books

Michelle Martin is a professor at the University of Washington specializing in children’s library services. Her mission? To educate teachers and librarians about how to make all students excited about books and reading. She shares her unique career path in education, and details her journey creating engaging programs designed to focus on the enjoyment of reading and help kids feel empowered to explore the world around them.

Integrating SEL in PE nets gains for schools

Twenty schools have piloted “health.moves.minds.,” a free, standards-based physical education and health program from the Society of Health and Physical Educators that integrates social-emotional learning into lesson plans with the goal of reducing students’ anxiety and depression. As the crucial importance of embedded social-emotional learning (SEL) continues to gain traction, more districts are looking at innovative approaches to incorporate SEL across subject areas.

CDC: Childhood Trauma Is A Public Health Issue And We Can Do More To Prevent It

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a new report highlighting the lasting effects of childhood trauma. According to the study, traumatic experiences in childhood can have serious health repercussions, which connects to the need for a concerted effort to prevent this moving forward. This is the first report of its kind from the CDC to dive into this topic, including the potential benefits of avoiding such trauma.

How the gender gap in STEM might get its start in elementary school

A new academic journal study reveals that the gender gap in STEM may start even younger than previously expected—in elementary school classrooms. Matthew Lenard of Harvard and Steven Hemelt of the University of North Carolina found that girls who participated in the study in Wake County, NC were “less likely to be nominated for, selected for, and continue in the district’s advanced math program.”

How to Make a "Culturally Responsive" Curriculum

Recently, a group of educators in New York City met to talk about what inclusivity means in terms of coursework. As a time when nearly 60% of city teachers are white, but more than 80% of their students are not, the idea of cultural responsiveness is particularly pertinent for today’s educators and many are calling for increased representation in school curriculums.