EDU Round-up: Writing

 //  Aug 1, 2019

EDU Round-up: Writing

Within a comprehensive literacy classroom, writing plays a crucial role in effective instruction and can take many forms—shared writing, guided writing, independent writing, etc. The practice of writing not only helps students explore new ideas and practice skills, but it also provides an outlet for creative expression and self-discovery.

As Pam Allyn, Senior Vice President, Innovation & Development, Scholastic Education, says, “Reading is like breathing in; writing is like breathing out.” It is a way for young learners to engage with words and become authors themselves.

We rounded-up recent EDU posts from Pam and other renowned authors and literacy experts focused on the topic of writing. Check out these posts below!


Multiple Ways to Make Meaning: Engaging Readers Through Oral Language, Writing, and Drawing

Responsive Literacy: A Comprehensive Framework co-author Jenny McFerin explores interactive writing and how it fosters engagement in dialogue about books.

Twitter Chat Recap: #G2Great with Sara Holbrook, Michael Salinger, & Stephanie Harvey

During a Twitter chat, authors and writing experts Sara Holbrook, Michael Salinger, and Stephanie Harvey, discuss themes from their book From Striving to Thriving Writers: Strategies That Jump-Start Writing.

Reading is Like Breathing in; Writing is Like Breathing out

Pam Allyn, literacy expert, author and SVP, Innovation & Development at Scholastic Education, shares why she believes teachers and administrators should support the daily instruction and practice of writing skills.

The Writing Classroom: Lighting the Spark

Author Ralph Fletcher explores the importance of embracing choice, voice, purpose & play during classroom instruction. These elements are outlined in his book, The Writing Teacher’s Companion.

The Writer's Journey

Jenny McFerin shares how educators can support writers by considering each writer’s craft, conventions and writing process. 

Six Truths I Know For Sure About Writing

Marilyn Pryle, educator and author of 50 Writing Activities for Meeting Higher Standards, shares the ways she believes writing helps students grow as thinkers and human beings.

Three Ways to Encourage Voluminous Writing

Sara Holbrook and Michael Salinger, co-authors of From Striving to Thriving Writers, share three strategies educators can use to support writing proficiency in a crowded curriculum.

The Joy of Writing: Living as Writers Within the Workshop

Wendy Sheets, contributing author to Responsive Literacy: A Comprehensive Framework, explains how to foster a community of writers within a Writing Workshop.

Four Fruitful Strategies to Teach Evidence-Based Writing

Alan Sitomer, 2007 California Teacher of the Year and author of Mastering Short- Response Writing, shares four strategies for developing student writers to ensure they flourish when asked to compose evidence-based writing.

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