Don't forget to #thankateacher today!

 //  May 6, 2014

Don't forget to #thankateacher today!

Today, I want to thank my fifth grade teacher, Mr. Silverman, for always challenging me to ask "why?"

He was always tough on his students, pushing us to dig deeper, ask more questions, look at texts in different ways. He was hard! But he was passionate and excited about learning -- and that passion rubbed off on his students. At least it did on me!

I moved away from the Massachusetts town where I grew up after that fifth grade year, and Mr. Silverman was one of the friends I kept in touch with. It's been a lot of years now since I've heard from him, but I'll never forget that great year in his class.

It's Teacher Appreciation Day today. What better way to celebrate than to thank a teacher that made a difference in your life. Feel free to do so in the comments below, or on Twitter using the #thankateacher hashtag!

Here is a video featuring several of our Scholastic Top Teaching bloggers thanking their childhood teachers.