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#DisruptingThinking: "I want to hug this book. Then high five it."

 //  Jul 14, 2017

#DisruptingThinking: "I want to hug this book. Then high five it."

In Disrupting Thinking: Why How We Read Mattersaward-winning authors Kylene Beers and Bob Probst present reading as a transformational process, rather than simply an act of decoding, recalling, and responding to questions. Beers and Probst introduce their Book, Head, Heart (BHH) Framework, which encourages readers to ask themselves questions like, what does this author want me to know? What surprised me? How could this change how I feel? 

Beers & Probst describe the framework: "It's simple. Direct. And it keeps the kids focused on where they must begin—with what's in the book—and with where they must end—with how it's changing them." (Disrupting Thinking, 63) 

Disrupting Thinking is proving that it's not just students who are changed—the book is inspiring fervor among educators, who gather on Twitter at #DisruptingThinking to discuss their reactions.

Indeed, it is the BHH Framework in action!

Below is a sampling of reactions—from an administrator, school principals, literacy specialists and coaches, librarians and many teachers—from the book, from the head, and from the heart.

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