School Librarian of the Year Award

2020 School Librarian of the Year Cicely Lewis Discusses the Crucial Role of Libraries

Stephanie Agresti  //  Mar 30, 2020

Professional Learning

Don’t Miss These Webinars with Top Education Authors & Experts

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Lessons in Distance Learning, How to Prioritize Human Connection, and More

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New Digital Hub to Keep Students Learning During School Closures

Scholastic  //  Mar 13, 2020


Keeping Parents in the Loop: Trends Data Point to Actionable Insights

Windy Lopez  //  Mar 4, 2020

Scholastic Professional

Creating Contexts for Readers

Diane Stephens  //  Feb 27, 2020


Students and Educators Celebrate the 100th Day of School

Royivia Ferguson  //  Feb 18, 2020

Reading Aloud

EDU Round-Up: Reading Aloud

Stephanie Agresti  //  Jan 31, 2020

School librarian of the year

New Year, Renewed Focus on Fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as an Educator

Cassy Lee  //  Jan 23, 2020


How My Office Became a Drive-Thru Book Window

Eileen Sprague  //  Jan 17, 2020

Scholastic Professional

The Read-Aloud: Time Spent Reading Aloud is Never Wasted

Lester Laminack  //  Jan 9, 2020


Predictions for 2020, Tips for Building Positive School Culture & More

Brittany Sullivan  //  Dec 30, 2019

Inspiring Quotes from EDU Blog Posts of 2019

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The Top 5 Most-Read EDU Blog Posts of 2019

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Yale Child Study Center–Scholastic Collaborative for Child & Family Resilience

Literacy Grounded in Community Brings Kids and Families Together

Karen Baicker  //  Dec 5, 2019


It’s Time to Turn the Page: Why No One Wins in the Reading Wars

Michael Haggen  //  Nov 25, 2019

The Importance of Critical Thinking for Students of All Ages

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Turning Everyday Activities Into Learning Opportunities

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The Gender Gap in STEM, Making a Culturally Responsive Curriculum & More

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Scholastic Classroom Magazines

The Power of Storytelling to Bring School Communities Together

Rebecca Leon  //  Oct 31, 2019

Yale Child Study Center–Scholastic Collaborative for Child & Family Resilience

Can Literacy Foster Resilience?

Linda C. Mayes M.D.  //  Oct 22, 2019


Volume in Reading Still Matters!

Laura Robb  //  Oct 10, 2019