A Superintendent’s Lessons on Literacy and Leadership

Dr. Art McCoy  //  Nov 19, 2018


10 Core Beliefs for Student Success

Dr. Karen Burke  //  Nov 13, 2018


Living a Priority of Literacy

Dr. Matthew DeBaene  //  Oct 31, 2018


Time to Check in on Your Literacy Plan Implementation

Michael Haggen  //  Oct 25, 2018

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RISE: A Short Term Intervention that Helps Striving Readers Excel

Ellen Lewis M.Ed.  //  Sep 20, 2018

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Shared Literacy Community Values: Step into ESL LitCamp

Dr. Kenneth Kunz  //  Sep 12, 2018


Literacy is Not a Trend: Creating a Culture of Literacy

Dr. Sue Szachowicz  //  Aug 22, 2018


The Critical Role of Phonemic Awareness in Reading Instruction

Dr. Kay MacPhee  //  Aug 15, 2018

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Word Study: Assessment-Driven Instruction

Carla Steele  //  Jul 17, 2018

Family and Community Engagement

Why Not? How to Build Innovative Community Partnerships

Dr. Jacqueline Sanderlin  //  Jul 10, 2018

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Striving and Thriving: Supporting All Students in Summer Reading

Eileen Sprague  //  Jun 28, 2018

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The Joy of Writing: Living as Writers Within the Workshop

Wendy Sheets  //  Jun 27, 2018

Professional Learning

When One-Shot PD Isn't Working: Supporting Literacy Teachers Around Guided Reading

Jill Culmo EdD  //  Jun 20, 2018

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The Writer's Journey

Jenny McFerin  //  Jun 5, 2018


The Voices We Carry

Adam Couturier  //  May 29, 2018

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For the Love of Guided Reading

Nikki Woodruff  //  May 25, 2018

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Interactive Read-Aloud: The Bedrock of the Literacy Block

Lisa Pinkerton  //  May 15, 2018

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The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge is Now Open

Scholastic  //  May 7, 2018


All Children Deserve Access to Authentic Text

Lois Bridges  //  Apr 26, 2018

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Why Fluency?

Timothy Rasinski  //  Apr 25, 2018

Independent Reading

Independent Reading and Choice

Laura Robb  //  Apr 19, 2018