Talia Kovacs

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Talia Kovacs is a mission-driven educator working to provide all children with the social-emotional and literacy skills needed to lead meaningful, empowered lives. She is the CEO of LitLife, where she leads the talented, dedicated LitLife Literacy Specialists in shaping lives of purpose and joy through SEL-based literacy instruction. Talia has been a contributing author for many curricular materials, including LitLeague, Scholastic Literacy: Writing, and LitCamp en Español. She also wrote the close reading lessons for the beloved Every Child a Super Reader with Scholastic, and several online courses on best practices in literacy instruction, including Dynamic Independent Reading and Guided Reading Made Easy with Participate.

In her own work as a literacy specialist and consultant, Talia has helped schools raise literacy scores by more than 60% in a year and has regularly increased teacher job satisfaction in her partner districts. Prior to her work with LitLife, Talia was a classroom teacher and curriculum consultant in Washington, D.C., and Brooklyn, N.Y. Talia believes deeply in literacy as a civil right and the lasting impact on children and their entire communities when provided with equitable, joyful literacy instruction.