Ruth Culham and Libby Jachles

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Ruth Culham launched a writing revolution with her groundbreaking work on writing traits. Her ongoing work with the traits and modes of writing is the culmination of 40 years of research, practice, and passion. Ruth’s acclaimed professional books and popular workshops have transformed writing instruction. Her curriculum resources include not only Modes in Focus but also the immensely popular Trait Crate Plus, which uses children’s literature texts to teach each writing trait.

Libby Jachles is a former classroom teacher and retired literacy coach from the Brighton School District in Rochester, New York. Libby and Ruth have worked together closely for more than 20 years, talking about new work and the most effective ways to teach writing every day. She specializes in training and coaching national and international classroom teachers on teaching writing using the traits and modes. 

Ruth and Libby are co-authors of Modes in Focus, a K–5 writing instruction resource that provides support to teach narrative, informational, and opinion modes of writing.

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Writing Is a Golden Thread that Connects What Was Taught to What Was Learned

Ruth Culham and Libby Jachles  //  Mar 31, 2021