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Besides talking about all things education, language and literacy-related, I am a big reader (of course) and also the mother of a young, reader. Find me on Twitter at @julia_graeper.

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Making Sense of School Segregation (or Trying to)

Julia Graeper  //  May 4, 2018

Summer Reading

Twitter Chat Recap: #SummerReaders with Pam Allyn

Julia Graeper  //  Apr 5, 2018

Scholastic Professional

Twitter Chat Recap: #FromStrivingToThriving with Stephanie Harvey & Annie Ward

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The Five Most-Read Posts of 2017

Julia Graeper  //  Jan 3, 2018

Education News

Roundup: Four Big Education Stories in 2017

Julia Graeper  //  Dec 20, 2017


Helping kids discover the real story

Julia Graeper  //  Nov 21, 2017


Update from Puerto Rico

Julia Graeper  //  Nov 17, 2017


Twitter Chat Recap: Striving Readers with Adria Klein

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Start with the why & inviting uncertainty

Julia Graeper  //  Oct 11, 2017


The impact of hunger on achievement, & addressing lunch-shaming

Julia Graeper  //  Oct 4, 2017


How We Train, Retain and Set Expectations for Teachers

Julia Graeper  //  Sep 21, 2017


The Gallup Survey, Dear America, SEL and Leading and Learning

Julia Graeper  //  Sep 12, 2017

Scholastic Professional

#DisruptingThinking: "I want to hug this book. Then high five it."

Julia Graeper  //  Jul 14, 2017

Education News

What Happened at #EWA17? Some Twitter Highlights

Julia Graeper  //  Jun 6, 2017

Roundup: Five Big Education Stories in 2016

Julia Graeper  //  Dec 29, 2016

See you at NCTE!

Julia Graeper  //  Nov 14, 2016

Celebrating Teachers on World Teacher's Day

Julia Graeper  //  Oct 5, 2016


The Crisis of Chronic Absenteeism

Julia Graeper  //  Sep 22, 2016

How to Teach Civics and not Get Lost in the Circus

Julia Graeper  //  Sep 16, 2016