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Diane Stephens is a co-author of Reading Revealed: 50 Expert Teachers Share What They Do and Why They Do It. She was the Swearingen Chair of Education in the College of Education at the University of South Carolina. She is a founding editor of NCTE’s Primary Voices, served as co-editor for 7 years and was a member and Chair of the Reading Commission for the International Reading (now Literacy) Association. Diane took a leadership role in South Carolina’s state-wide Reading Initiative and helped write the Read to Succeed law, which requires all SC K–5 classroom and K–12 special education teachers to have 12 hours in reading as in-service teachers and all other in-service educators (principals, school psychologists, teachers in grades 6–12 teachers, etc.) also to have advanced course work in reading. Throughout her career, she has worked with individuals who do not yet find reading pleasurable. 

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