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I'm a self-proclaimed ed nerd who can be found with a cup of tea poring over recent ed news.  I think it is the most important issue of the day and love to hear what teachers and students think of it themselves.

I was a fixed mindset and I didn’t even know it

Anne Sparkman  //  Nov 24, 2014

Checking in with teachers on the Common Core

Anne Sparkman  //  Oct 3, 2014

Language clarity for all ages

Anne Sparkman  //  Aug 19, 2014

Critical and creative thinking for all

Anne Sparkman  //  Jun 26, 2014

Meet the 2014 National Teacher of the Year

Anne Sparkman  //  May 5, 2014

Falling out of the lead, a new report

Anne Sparkman  //  Apr 9, 2014

It isn't just one thing that defines great teachers

Anne Sparkman  //  Mar 31, 2014

Plenty of teaching resources for Women's History Month

Anne Sparkman  //  Mar 18, 2014

An inspiring quote to go with your morning

Anne Sparkman  //  Mar 6, 2014

The Olympics in your classroom

Anne Sparkman  //  Feb 10, 2014

Celebrating the 100th day of school!

Anne Sparkman  //  Jan 30, 2014

Teaching Resources for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Anne Sparkman  //  Jan 16, 2014

Encouraging young, creative teens in art and writing

Anne Sparkman  //  Sep 16, 2013

Quote: To say I have a "good" job does not suffice...

Anne Sparkman  //  Jul 31, 2013

Defining surroundings, defining learning

Anne Sparkman  //  Jul 30, 2013

70 percent—a new stat to raise alarm in education

Anne Sparkman  //  Jul 15, 2013

Quote: Childhood and favorite books

Anne Sparkman  //  Jul 3, 2013

New themed-based K-6 collections—and a contest!

Anne Sparkman  //  Jun 25, 2013