To tackle blended learning, start by visiting other classrooms and schools

It being Connected Educators Month and all, it seemed fitting last night when Eric Sheninger and Tom Vander Ark encouraged educators to take time to get out of their own classrooms and visit other schools.

The theme of their talk via Google Hangout was "the future of blended learning," and there was a recognition that making a shift in how a school thinks about student and teacher use of technology can be a daunting challenge.

Where do you begin? How do you address the issue of access? How do you get buy-in from leadership?

Eric Sheninger, who transformed New Milford High School in New Jersey into a nationally-recognized example of how technology can change the culture of a school, said he could never have accomplished what he did without the support and ideas he got from colleagues on social media and by visiting schools and talking to other educators.

Tom has a couple of great posts on his Getting Smart blog with lists of schools that educators can visit:

I know Tom is working to get this list up to over 100 schools in total. When he's done, I'll post here!

What schools have you visited that inspired you? And what did you learn?