Statistical skills are vital to career readiness

 //  Feb 7, 2014

Statistical skills are vital to career readiness

In an EdWeek post titled “Statistics: The New ‘It’ Common-Core Subject,” Anna E. Bargagliotti highlights the necessity of fostering data literacy. Bargagliotti, a math professor working on Project-SET (Statistics Education for Teachers), cites a McKinsey report stating the US will experience a shortage of people with analytical skills, including managers and analysts with the ability to use data to drive decisions.

Understanding statistics plays an important role in both the job market as well as citizenship. To fully grasp what’s going on in the news, business, and government, students must have statistical reasoning skills.

It begins with the ability to extract relevant information from charts and tables, but a sophisticated understanding of statistics will be necessary for students to pursue high-level jobs and opportunities. Companies (including ones outside the technology industry) and cities (see this article about data in NYC) rely on employees who can make sense of large amounts of data to drive decisions.

Educators, how do you prepare students to navigate a data-filled world? Share any advice on fostering data literacy in the comments below.