Six ways the READ 180 program becomes more powerful on the iPad

With more schools shifting toward the use of tablets in the classroom and planning for 1-to-1 and BYOD initiatives, Scholastic's development team has just completed an ambitious effort to make READ 180 ready for the iPad. (If you're at ISTE, you can demo the student experience in our booth.)

Here are six ways we see the iPad technology making the program even more powerful:

  1. It allows for extended student access outside of the classroom and beyond the school day.
  2. It provides a more personal learning experience because it can be delivered on personal devices.
  3. It gives teachers and administrators access to data on dashboards that they can walk around the room and around the school with.
  4. It taps into the iPads intuitive, touch-screen interface to increase engagement and make it easier to navigate.
  5. It reduces startup time across a school or district so instructional time isn't wasted.
  6. It lowers the cost by providing access on less expensive devices.

If you're using an iPad in your classroom (either for yourself as an educator, or for your students), how is it changing things?