New themed-based K-6 collections—and a contest!

With the Common Core State Standards requiring students to dive deep into rigorous texts and focus on nonfiction to build knowledge, educators have been telling us they need theme-based collections of books built around the topics they most commonly teach. Voila! Text Setscollections of nonfiction books for grades K-6 built around science- and social studies-based themes.

Each Text Sets collection exposes students to six different nonfiction titles built around the same theme – from plants to geography to ancient civilization and more. Text Sets helps students build critical domain-specific knowledge needed to tackle complex, grade-level reading.

Although the program is already being used across the country, from New York to Hawaii, we thought it would be fun to give a Text Sets collection to one lucky reader. We also want to get more feedback from you: What sorts of themes would you like to see in future text sets?

For a chance to win, add a new comment below with your feedback and ideas for future sets!

GIVEAWAY: Enter the Text Sets for a chance to win a 55-book theme set of informational text (K-6)! To enter, leave a comment on this blog post telling us how Text Sets could help you support your students.  Comment any time between June 26 and 5:59pm EST July 2, 2013. One winner will be randomly selected! Read the official rules here. (Giveaway open to U.S. residents only; must be 18 or older to enter.)


Love Scholastic book sets! Some topic ideas that come to mind right away for my 5th graders are: the American Revolution and/or the Civil War; Presidents of the US; Westward Movement; Native Americans. Thank you!

I think these are great sets and age appropriate. I would love to see something around agriculture. Maybe something on engineering (chemical, electrical, mechanical, etc) that would be good during engineering month.

I love sets like these! They allow kids to read more than one book about a topic they love or are curious about! As we transition to CCSS, I would like to see more nonfiction sets such as those already mentioned in other comments. I teach 3rd grade and it seems like there are fewer nonfiction books that interest girls than boys. As we encourage more girls to become interested in careers related to science, I think it's important to help that love of science grow as early as possible. I'm just sayin' . . . :0)

I really like the ideas behind these sets! With the new NGSS standards, you could find what science topics each grade is teaching now. With STEM pushing through, topics around engineering ideas would be great, too.

Fantastic!!!! Our district is encouraging a 50/50 split of fiction/non-fiction...and these would be PERFECT to add to our resources!! Future ideas: biographies for Women's History Month, Black History Month, authors, sports figures...the list is endless! Thank you for all your GREAT materials and resources!!!

I absolutely love these. I don't think there are enough non-fiction stories out there that are GOOD. Y'all did a great job with these! In the future, I would love to see some text sets about the Holocaust, WWI, WWII, different habitats/biomes, animals (specifically those students are familiar with), one specifically about the Earth & all that it involves (the soil, air, etc.). LOVE these sets!!

Kindergarten students LOVE non-fiction books, especially about creatures that are thought to be scary! I have to replenish bugs, sharks, snakes, and lions and tigers every year because they are loved to death!

Great Idea! I would love to have this set for my resource room. These titles would support the curriculum in the regular education classrooms.

This is a great opportunity to use more non-fiction in the classroom. In the future, I would like to have more non-fiction on Ancient Civilizations and Current Countries.

How awesome. You can never have enough kid friendly non fiction texts! The students just devour them, and they are so needed to keep up with Common Core.

These are great. How about muti level texts in a kit on the same topic to differentiate for students. I would love to see sets on animal habitats.

I really like the sets that you have. For future sets you might do history, biography, or gross science.

What an exciting new resource for the classroom! This is something that the kids have needed for a long time, what an wonderful way to learn by reading fun texts about the subject!!!

I have already enjoyed a few of these selections; they are easy to incorporate into lessons we are already planning for CC. I am looking forward to books related to the 2nd grade units on the Wild West and Building Bridges- connecting to people throughout the world.

I like the sets. Are they differentiated? My reading levels are so varied with my first graders.

How about a text set on Virginia history! Also US history - especially colonial.

We had a 40 minute block of time in our schedule last year for information text and these would be a great resource to use for students. It is even better that there is a whole section on bugs and nature to get all of the boys in my class interested as well. What a great set to have!! :)

Love these because we will be 50/50 now with fiction and non-fiction and please include Pre-K (now the new Kindergarten level) with sets as well...we love them and Scholastic too!

These Text Sets look like a great variety of nonfiction books. I teach first grade, and my students really get into nonfiction science books and the "trivia" offered in them. Sometimes the only thing they retain for the day comes from this nonfiction browsing!

Wow! What a great list of texts! I think a set on holidays, forces of motion or simple machines, families, communities, or community helpers would also be useful.

Weather! It has all the elements of exciting disasters, world habitats, clouds, and measurement of rain, snow and temperature.

We teachers need to realize that students LOVE informational text. We will embrace it wholeheartedly! Thank you for helping us get these resources to our students.

Which set would be recommended for a special Ed class reading barely at a kindergarten level ? These are really attractive sets and I hope my personal children get to use them in 1 st and 2 nd grade!

I would love to utilize a set of these books in my 4th grade classroom this year! I think students would respond strongly to a set based on interesting careers, and in a set based on the various uses and developments being made in technology. I would also love to use a set that would connect historical moments to current events/interests in an exciting way. Students seem to have a heavy interest in those areas. Thanks for a great giveaway opportunity!

I like how these themes are from books that Scholastic (and most likely teachers) have available in their book orders! This will make it easier to find a set that fits a certain theme. I would like great to see a theme on inventions or machines, which is used in even the youngest elementary grades! I also think Scholastic could add a theme on countries around the world, to build on geographic and demographic comparisons. This could be used in many different areas!

It would be great to have books (fiction/non-fiction) that could be used for common core standards for each grade level. I would like to see more non-fiction math books, especially at the 1st grade level.

I'd love these in my classroom! I'm seriously lacking in informational books. These would be a huge help to go along with my curriculum.

Would love these books - I teach a self-contained Special Ed class and have to make lots of adaptations for my students. My students love lots of hands-on ideas. This past year we studied butterflies and then hatched our own in the classroom. They loved it!

I am wondering if your books have AR quizzes? This looks like a great resource for kids. We definitely need more non-fiction out there for kids. I like that the book sets are written around a theme, which would be invaluable in the classroom when connecting non-fiction to the content areas.

These are great selections! Would love to see sets on different parts of the world, animals, character building, and food.

I am very excited about this offer for several reasons....any nonfiction literature which is innovative and interesting is sure to motivate even the most reluctant reader. I love the bright colors on the covers. Many students do not make it beyond the cover of a book and miss the wonderful experience of the reading process. The fact that you have multilevel material in this package would appeal to those students who are reading on their grade level (I teach 6th
grade reading) and would also appeal to those who are reading below their grade. It could even be used with students who have special needs (so I envision this package having an impact on a diverse population of students). In a time when budgets are tight, I am very excited with the prospect of free books that my students love. Scholastic has a reputation for the highest quality of books, so this is a win-win for whoever wins it (but of course, I hope it is me for my 6th grade reading students at Boyd County Middle School.).

I love this!!! Engineering would be a great theme; so would Electricity and Magnetism. Social Justice would be wonderful, too!!!

Have you thought of offering these books in sets of five (instead of 30) so they could be used with small groups and teachers could have a larger number of titles?

I would love these theme based nonfiction books. Not only is it a good way to keep organized and cover grade level reading requirements but it also allows children to explore areas of interest in more detail. These books would be great for many different grade levels. I am finishing up my Elementary Education degree and these books would be a great addition to my library. I feel like the more nonfiction books in my classroom library the easier it will be to promote inquiry based learning.

Like the way the sets come together around a common theme. I think Native Americans would be a great theme!

I'm always saying that we need more non-fiction reading in our curriculum! I would love this series for our school and I can see that this really aligns with Common Core. I teach Science to all our 5th graders and I could definitely use a series with topics on water, human body, earthquakes and volcanoes, matter, and more!

These look awesome! Future themes could be about the Constitution, the three branches of the government - as well as the function of each -, early explorers and/or inventors, scientists, the function and titles of the local governments, and technology - how did computers come about (or microwaves, phones, T.V.s, cars, etc.) ... how were they invented and how have they evolved.

Love this!!! How about sets to support NGSS?!?!

Nonfiction text sets are a great way to transition to common core centered curriculum. Since we still need to "teach reading", the sequence of these sets need to follow the phonics that a 1st grader needs to learn.

These are great! I am working on domain-based units for teaching the common core standards, and these would be a great help. One area I would like to see is a theme of current occupations. Students need to envision their future, and there's no time like the present to get started on inspiration!

Just what I've been looking for! Love using your science vocabulary readers to go along with our science themes. The kids get so absorbed in topics-makes them excited for science and reading.

I love these and they would work so well with our non-fiction unit. I think a unit that has to do with regions of the United States would be great for social studies. Thank you so much!

With the CC digging deeper and focusing more on nonfiction, this set looks like it would be great to use! I teach Title 1 reading and I would love to use this set to enrich my students cross curricularly. I would like to see more cultural diversity themes.

I'd love to have a set of texts like this. It is very hard to find complex text geared towards younger students.

This sounds like a great set of books that I could use to build a parrell curriculum for students with autism at the high school level who are working at the elementary level.

Scholastic always comes through! With CCS pushing nonfiction, Scholastic News became an invaluable resource in my classroom this past year. We focus a lot on Ecology and Ecosystems, so that would definitely be a theme I'd be interested in seeing. We have a Marine Animal unit that is also very exciting for the kids -a set of themed books would be an extremely useful research tool. Also, I do a big unit on racial inequality and Civil Rights (for African Americans, Hispanics, Women). An Equality/Civil Rights theme would be awesome -from Women's Suffrage to Japanese Internment Camps & everything in between!

Love the idea of nonfiction text sets! I teach kindergarten and try to gather as many books as I can for a certain theme/topic. However, it's often difficult to find books that are engaging and age appropriate for the topic we are studying. With text sets, my work is done for me!

I'd love to see sets like these in Spanish also! Pretty please! Por favor!

I teach in a private school and would love to have some up to date Science and Social studies books. I would love to see information on the planets and how to become an astronaut for my space camp unit. It's really hard to find current information on this subject.

I'm a new teacher and will be teaching kindergarten this fall! I'd like to see a text set on trees, life cycles, the environment, and recycling. Also, since kindergarten students often learn about weather, a set about clouds, storms, and how weather affects us, written at their reading level, would be super helpful! Finally, I'd like to see a set about friendship, including biographies of famous friends, fiction books with a friendship theme, and "how to be a friend" nonfiction books.

Thank you for these great text sets! As a new teacher, gathering books for my classroom is a huge task. These text sets and the ideas posted here will help young readers to bloom and will help many teachers with their libraries. Thanks again!