New themed-based K-6 collections—and a contest!

With the Common Core State Standards requiring students to dive deep into rigorous texts and focus on nonfiction to build knowledge, educators have been telling us they need theme-based collections of books built around the topics they most commonly teach. Voila! Text Setscollections of nonfiction books for grades K-6 built around science- and social studies-based themes.

Each Text Sets collection exposes students to six different nonfiction titles built around the same theme – from plants to geography to ancient civilization and more. Text Sets helps students build critical domain-specific knowledge needed to tackle complex, grade-level reading.

Although the program is already being used across the country, from New York to Hawaii, we thought it would be fun to give a Text Sets collection to one lucky reader. We also want to get more feedback from you: What sorts of themes would you like to see in future text sets?

For a chance to win, add a new comment below with your feedback and ideas for future sets!

GIVEAWAY: Enter the Text Sets for a chance to win a 55-book theme set of informational text (K-6)! To enter, leave a comment on this blog post telling us how Text Sets could help you support your students.  Comment any time between June 26 and 5:59pm EST July 2, 2013. One winner will be randomly selected! Read the official rules here. (Giveaway open to U.S. residents only; must be 18 or older to enter.)


These are great!! What a nice variety offered...

One about different holidays or countries would be nice. Books about historical landmarks around the US and even the world? Science experiment books with themes.

Great sets! How about layers of the earth, simple machines, volcanoes, and earthquakes.

The Text Sets look amazing! I would love to see some sets on medieval history.

I would love to have these! My school's science and social studies texts are very old and outdated, and we can't afford to purchase new ones. I have been purchasing my own trade books and magazines to supplement the text. The kids love reading and learning from the newer books!

Great idea. This will be my first year teaching 4th grade science. What a help if would be, especially being common core aligned. For future sets, it would be great if you had grade level sets based on the standards along with reading strategies incorporated! Way to go Scholastic.

Wow! I think that it's so nice to have informational texts for students to explore. They learn much more from doing and reading than from a lecture. I would love to see US History such as Lewis and Clark or the Civil War.

I teach kindergarten would love to win a set. Ideas for future sets include animals, plants, family and homes, basic science concepts, history of life past and present.

These books could be very helpful in science or social studies! It can sometimes be hard for students to get interested in these subjects but I think a nonfiction book set could help those who are better at reading than other subjects. It is also great for the common core. My idea for future sets would be some kind of interactive nonfiction book that allows the students to read - act - reflect.

Wonderful! I am excited to try these themed collections as a great assistance to my writing and reading program, and to work with the upcoming common core standards. I think the text sets should be constructed at different levels and include Biography, Expository Nonfiction, Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Multicultural, and Mystery.

These are great! I would love to see each of these sets expanded with one fiction book that matches the theme. As for theme ideas...a set for each state would be terrific. Weather is always a hit, especially terrifying weather (volcanoes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.). Any unexplained phenomena: Bermuda Triange, UFOs, Big Foot/Yeti/Loch Ness. Books that focus on recent history/decades (60s, 70s, 80s, 90s) especially the social and political high points. I believe that by offering my students factual informatoin on subjects that already fascinate them, I'll be able to easily incorporate more nonfiction reading into their lives.

Wow what a great set! This would really help my third grade class dive deep into research and learn about features of a nonfiction text.

What a great way to help with implementing CCSS. I would love a set for my 3rd Grade students.

I love reading blogs for new ideas; especially educational blogs! Looking forward to new ideas to help implement Common Core.

I think these text sets are fantastic. I would love to see state history, going green (Earth Day), civil rights, life cycles, and math themed sets.

I could use California (individual state) history sets: e.g., gold rush

My "developing" readers gravitate towards non-fiction. I am always looking for topics that hook them. These sets look like they would just do that! We study the solar system in third grade. I think a set around that theme would be a winner!

I like the idea of "themed texts". It helps when teachers are trying to find multiple things on the same subject. It is helping to take the stress off of teachers that usually try to find these books on their own... I would like to see theme sets on forces, motion, and even engineering or design processes.

Awesome! These sets would be a perfect addition to any balanced literacy program, and would be great for making cross-curricular connections. :)

I too love theme sets. I'd love to see multiple levels (below, on and above grade level) so that students can use them independently during centers. I'd also love to see STEM related topics. How about community helpers or careers in stem?

It's a wonderful concept, especially for science and social studies. We study a lot of biographies. These books will definitely help us with our project-based learning lessons for both subjects. I would like to see you tackle the following themes: elements of poetry and figurative language.

I am at a training all this week about integrating Science and Literacy and these books would be an awesome addition to use with the new strategies we are learning for my classroom!

Topics...constitution, dolphins, life on the prairie, castles, bookmaking, early American settlements, branches of name a few.

Looks great--I love that I would be able to further integrate social studies and science into my LA block! In the future maybe include biographies or regions.

Your new text sets look incredible. They would make teaching the new Common Core ELA strands much easier plus make it possible to differentiate within the class. Thank you!!

I don't know if you so much need, new titles as much as taking what you have and putting them into sets that can be used as part of a CCSS Themed unit.

Great sets, I'd love to own them all in grade 2 ! It would be great to.have a set about great American Women, toys now and the past and also natures wonders.

These text sets look awesome! With our school just implementing CCSS, I am definitely trying to increase the non-fiction selections in my classroom library. These books look vibrant and engaging for the students and I think they will tie right in with our 6th grade curriculum.

These look great. I would love to see some on sports, economics (goods/services, currency, etc.), and rural/urban.

I'd like to see physics and chemistry brought to live and to see leveled book sets so that you can have similar content presented to students above and below grade level. I would also hope that these sets would come with ideas for independent work as that is one of the most challenging aspects of teaching; keeping the rest of the class engaged in learning so that you can work with small groups.

A few years ago my district went with theme reading baskets in science from a different company-- and the concept was fabulous. My issue-- the books were not always high quality; were not always on appropriate levels; and were so expensive to replace. Finally-- a company with quality titles that our kids can really use to increase their background and deep understanding of a topic!!!! Thank you!

Love this. Just returned from a Smekens Literacy Retreat and this was one of the sessions. Would love to see an Underground Railroad set. Always looking for some cross discipline materials.

I love the concept. I would also like to see some history

Our school is moving to the common core and one of our big concerns is the amount of nonfiction. These resources would be great!

I teach a multilevel special needs class and these books are perfect for our interests, needs, and reading levels. Please add more topics!!
I'd be thrilled To add these to my class library!!

My kindergarten students would love these and it would help make our lesson more meaingful and easier since we are already using Common Core

I love the idea of having many different forms of nonfiction text in every classroom. I know from my experience teaching, my school needs resources on life cycles, different states/countries/languages, and I know my students love books about gross facts.

I would love any set! I am moving to 5th grade this year and could really use any resource available. It would also be very helpful with implementing the new Common Core Standards in the classroom.

I would love to see greater access to non-fiction texts in my classroom! For future ideas, I suggest Ancient Civilizations, American Exploration, Planetary Science, Ecology, and Classification of Species.

I would like to see a set based on ancient civilizations (Ancient China, Ancient Greece, ancient Rome, etc)

These sets are great for the common core. I would love to add these to my collection. I would love to see even more topics for social studies integration.

What an awesome giveaway! Our team has been hard at work this summer trying to incorporate more non-fiction text in with our basal stories (which we have to use... grrr!). I'm happy to see the social studies sets. It always seems there are an abundance of science texts but social studies can be a bit trickier. Our curriculum is U.S. regions with a smidge of economics, mapping, and government. Keep adding to those social studies sets and I'll be a happy lady!

This is a wonderful idea! There are so many possibilities! I'd like to see biographies of diverse people, not just the very famous, community-building, getting along, anti-bullying, space....the list of possibilities is very long!

I think a series about the states would be great! Also a series on inventors, or famous African Americans.

I actually teach high school English, but would love to see this set of books donated to my daughter's first grade classroom in the fall. I think children in all grade levels should be reading nonfiction materials. My daughter is fascinated with all kinds if scientific things and checks out nonfiction books from her school library all of the time. I think this would be a great addition to the teacher's classroom library or as possible book giveaways!

I love that the Kindergarten set includes math also. I enjoy teaching science and social studies to my class so I have always read a lot of nonfiction with my students. This set would be a great addition to my library. I have purchased several of the knowledge quest sets from Scholastic that are also themed based. I would like to see books about dinosaurs included. Kindergartners always enjoy learning about dinosaurs.

Text sets are a great place to start an exploration into a topic. Glad to hear that they are available!

We have building units... These would be awesome for us! Even if I don't win, gonna get us some of this!

With most of the focus in schools being mathematics and language arts, these text sets are a great way to incorporate science and social studies more into the classroom, which are the two subjects being put on the back-burner in a lot of districts. I believe that incorporating more text sets that involve these core subject areas will only increase students' learning and allow them to become productive members of our society.

This set looks like it would be great for meeting the ccss. Teachers are searching for ways to cover the bases as we learn to teach a new way.

I would love a set of books on bravery and courage (could include brave animals!). Thanks for the opportunity to win some awesome books.