New themed-based K-6 collections—and a contest!

With the Common Core State Standards requiring students to dive deep into rigorous texts and focus on nonfiction to build knowledge, educators have been telling us they need theme-based collections of books built around the topics they most commonly teach. Voila! Text Setscollections of nonfiction books for grades K-6 built around science- and social studies-based themes.

Each Text Sets collection exposes students to six different nonfiction titles built around the same theme – from plants to geography to ancient civilization and more. Text Sets helps students build critical domain-specific knowledge needed to tackle complex, grade-level reading.

Although the program is already being used across the country, from New York to Hawaii, we thought it would be fun to give a Text Sets collection to one lucky reader. We also want to get more feedback from you: What sorts of themes would you like to see in future text sets?

For a chance to win, add a new comment below with your feedback and ideas for future sets!

GIVEAWAY: Enter the Text Sets for a chance to win a 55-book theme set of informational text (K-6)! To enter, leave a comment on this blog post telling us how Text Sets could help you support your students.  Comment any time between June 26 and 5:59pm EST July 2, 2013. One winner will be randomly selected! Read the official rules here. (Giveaway open to U.S. residents only; must be 18 or older to enter.)


Wow! These sound great. I have been looking for nonfiction text to fill my classroom library in the Fall. I like how you have books based on a theme. Other topics that would be great would be on government, space, fossils, electricity and magnetism. I love the contests that help teachers with materials that they can really use.

I wish VA would decide to get on board for Common Core...someday...However content based text sets are awesome. It is great that Scholastic is doing the leg work for us and researching book titles around a science or social studies theme. YEAH!

I would love to see any non-fiction text sets! Anything related to earth science, us history, or traits/life cycles would be amazingly helpful for my students! :)

I am looking forward to seeing the text sets you have to offer. I would love to see American Symbols with emergent text and lots of great pictures to encourage writing by students.

I love the idea of text sets and these would be a great addition to my classroom resources. I think in the future a text set on famous people or character building (anti-bullying) would be great! Thanks!

Bugs are always a big hit with the younger kids so how about other subsets of animals - animals that swim or fly. I really liked the idea a few posts up about multi-cultural books too.

I loved using nonfiction books in my student teaching kindergarten classroom last year! As a soon to be first year teacher, I would love to be able to have a variety of nonfiction books at different levels so that all of my students can have fun reading and learning!

I will be teaching 4th grade for the first time next year, so these would be a wonderful resource to have! The sets seem comprehensive, but perhaps you could have more Math for upper grades, or state specific materials. I also like the idea mentioned above regarding Character Education.

This is awesome. Kids are being asked to read half nonfiction and half fiction. This is a great way for kids to be introduced to nonfiction in a fun way.

Considering we have no new text books to go with our new common core curriculum in my county, these sets would be a valuable addition to my literacy time. They all appear to be very visually engagining. I know my students would love them.

Love these. Great way to add high interest nonfiction to my classroom library. My 6th graders love reading about real mysteries and crimes. My female students tend to pick up more nonfiction on animals.

I would love to win this set! I teach 5th grade and would share with my fellow educators. A great way to implement the Common Core love bugs!

We are being moved towards more guided reading. The lack of books makes this challenging for us. This set of books would be a great way to start integrating guided reading into our 3rd grade classrooms. This set looks great and other sets with social studies or science based would awesome.

These would be great for any classroom. Love the non-fiction sets of books, which we all know are in high need. It would be great to see future sets about landforms, animal habitats, careers, and cultures. Thanks!

I'm so excited to add even more non-fiction text to my classroom reading! I teach 3rd and 4th science (among other things :) ) and my kids LOVE when I have a GROSS FACT OF THE I'd love to see some kid-friendly gross science books!! :)

I love these book sets!! It eliminates some searching when looking for multiple books on one topic!

As a new teacher I would love to be able to build a library with your books. I would love to see themes of astronomy, poetry, and sports.

I'm always looking for informational texts for second grade, and building our nonfiction library. These look amazing. I'd love to see a series on famous African-Americans. These will be helpful in a new six-weeks' project we'll be doing this year.

I have been teaching 3rd grade for 2 years. There are not many sets of nonfiction books in my room. These would be a wonderful addition to my teaching. The topics are great to incorporate more science and social studies into our day. Rocks and fossils, space, ecology, and human body would be nice additions for future.

I'd like to see themes of: space, early America, laws and government, literature genres, writing genres, American holidays, weather, American symbols, animals of North America, communities, water cycle, microscopic life, responsibility, families around the world, schools around the world, friendship, we are all alike/we are all different

This is a really great idea. I'm interested on a set on explorers for social studies and landforms for science. Thanks.

I'd Iike to see a set on weird and wacky state facts, another on accidental discoveries that are better than what the scientist was looking for, and one on truly bizarre living things.

Great high- interest for all grade levels!

I love the idea of having themed sets readily available for me and my students rather than having to spend all that time to 'make them up' myself! :)

This program sounds perfect to fit into my CCSS ELA program for third grade. Books about insects, mammals, weather, matter, and world communities would be wonderful additions to my lessons and classroom library.

How about a set of important historical figures. love talking aout George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, etc.
Also, a series on animals...always a favorite!

I love text sets. They are wonderful to teach content areas! Non-fiction texts are so important for students to become familiar with and learn how to comprehend them!

These seem great! Thank you for helping us meet the challenges of interesting non-fiction!!!

Anything to encourage students to read and use nonfiction materials is such an awesome help. Making them interesting and colorful is an issue and you have addressed it wonderfully.

This would be an awesome set to keep my boys engaged and reading. I purchased a few science related books to add to my library and they are always the ones that go first. All students would be able to read a science book and continue to boast their higher level thinking and continue to grow as young scientist.

These texts are great! I would love to see sets for 5th grade on Force and Motion, Matter and Energy, Earth and Space, Ecosystems, Early Colonization, Great Depression, Geography of the US (regions, map skills, landforms, etc), and Government. Thank you so much for helping teachers and students dive deeper into nonfiction texts!

I love the ability to purchase text sets as it makes it easy to find books all in one place! I'd love to see sets that include: community, building, citizenship, weather, and plants. Thanks!

WOW! Scholastic you have done it again, providing great reading materials that would be sure to interest all readers. This would be a great addition to my 2nd grade classroom library. Would love to see ocean theme, holidays around the world, people and places, community...Thank you!

One can never have too many non-fiction texts! Like I told my co-workers, I've never been asked to report to staff on the latest serial killer novel I am reading, only on non-fiction pieces.

Text sets would help students in my classroom work collaboratively to explore scientific ideas and to then create projects that show what they learned. I teach fifth grade, so I would love to see sets on: atoms & molecules, states of matter, physical and chemical changes, types of plants, and the water cycle.

My first graders cannot get enough of the non-fiction books. In fact we graphed the question "Which do you like better: fiction or non-fiction stories?" Non-fiction won!!

As I am trying to build up a classroom library, set up classroom centers, and guide students to respond to informational texts, I love that these theme-based books help to motivate students to want to read by appealing to the interests of the students.

I'd love to see some about physical science.

This is an amazing collection! I teach third grade and have no regular Science or Social Studies books. This set matches our curriculum and have high interest for the children. They would be an amazing addition to our class!

Love the idea of having themed sets for CCSS.

Great idea! I will be checking out these new collections.

I love the idea and am particularly glad to see that the solar system was addressed at third grade level. Of course, third grade would not be complete without Local Native Americans (Tongva/Gabrielino, Chumash...), Fossils-Rocks-Minerals, and life sciences. Keep up the great work!

I would love some second grade units on the moon and stars.

West Africa (the real lion king), Canada, the Great Northern Forest, logging

I would love to have one of these sets for my classroom. My school is 100% poverty and my students need access to more books. I would also like to see nonfiction books around the themes of biographies, life cycles, leaders, government, citizenship.

This is a great idea. My first graders love to read nonfiction texts, they have so many questions about the world around them. I would like to see a set geared towards different habitats.

This sounds terrific! I would really like this for my kindergarten class!

I have recently been changed to 4th/5th grade social studies I am desperately looking for resources that fit content reading standards. I would love this set and more social studies!

Excellent! Our Common Core Coaching team is in the process of trying to make text sets ourselves, nice to have the work done for us!

These nonfiction Test-Sets will aligned with the Common Core Standards in Science and Social Studies. In our 4th grade classrooms we are implementing a new way for our students to tackle non-fiction text. They will be using 4-different colored highlighters to remember important information needed to tackle complex text. These sets would help them to practice on their own, while I'm pulling small reading groups working on the same task. Students need to know how to find the main idea, supporting details, understand the vocabulary, author's position and purpose, and inferring. Having Text-Sets in the classroom available for the students as well as the teacher makes tackling what is required from the Common Core is a must in any classroom.