Fostering a ‘works in progress’ mindset for teachers

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Teachers: Finished products or works in progress?

Much attention is being paid to the importance of helping every student develop a "growth mindset" about their learning. Our brains are constantly changing, and if a student is not great at something (like reading?) -- it just means that he or she is not great at it "YET."

I like what Jim Dillon says here about the importance of fostering this "works in progress" mindset for the teaching profession. Teachers, like all humans, have the ability to continually improve their skills and the recognition of that ought to be systemic.

Here are a couple of his ideas for promoting this new mindset:

Practice talking about practice. Teachers don’t typically talk to each other about instruction. Schools need to designated time for the opportunity for teachers to have these conversations.

Teaching and learning can be like karaoke sometimes, not just like a recital. Teaching and learning can and should be fun and exciting even when it involves something challenging. There is time enough for practice, rehearsals and final performances.