Fostering family resilience through literacy and place-based learning

Last week my colleagues and I were in Tracy City, TN, for a Camp Discover “Family Reunion” event, where families enjoyed fun, literacy based activities that emphasized exploring and celebrating the community’s heritage. As they shared stories and reflections, it was evident that the program has helped increase their sense of pride and knowledge of their community. It’s so exciting to see the positive impact the program is having on the community and vice versa—how the community is impacting the program as we continue to listen and truly learn something new with each visit. 

Uniquely designed to empower homes, schools and the community, the curriculum builds on the natural connections that exist between literacy, social connectedness and resiliency.  The power of this “place-based” approach is clear in this recently produced segment by Ken Tucker, of Tennessee’s Wildside. Please take a moment to watch as he artfully captures not only the program’s goals but the beauty and resilience of this community. We couldn’t agree more with his sentiment…“This is something that can and needs to be adapted by other communities”

Thanks again to all of our partners at Yale Child Study Center, Sewanee: The University of the South, Tracy City Elementary School, the Discover Together Collaborative, and the entire Tracy City community. We loved hearing your stories and reflections and hope you’ll share some of them here.