Encouraging young, creative teens in art and writing

More than 90 years ago, only three short years after founding Scholastic, M. R. Robinson created the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards to encourage our young creative minds and give them a fraction, if not more, of the encouragement for their minds as athletes receive for their bodily skills.  Still a relevant message today, the Awards program lives on and in last year's call for submissions received more than 230,000 submissions!!  Today, the nonprofit Alliance for Young Artists & Writers which know runs the initiative opens the 2013-14 Call for Submissions for all students grades 7-12.  I'm still encouraged by today's quote from 1928 and I hope that you are too - enough to spread the word and encourage a teen that you know to submit.  To find out more and to see how winners of the Scholastic Awards are recognized and given the opportunity for scholarships, publication and exhibition, visit www.artandwriting.org.