Common Core under the microscope

 //  Nov 5, 2013

Common Core under the microscope

On November 4, the Education Writers Association hosted "Common Core at the Crossroads: What Comes Next?" Reporters and educators at the D.C. conference discussed issues surrounding the CCSS, including:

  • Will the standards widen the achievement gap or help close it?
  • What kind of training are teachers getting to implement the standards?
  • Do students find CCSS-aligned lessons more—or less—engaging?
  • Will music, art and foreign language be marginalized in the Common Core era?

An elementary school math teacher from Kentucky and two high school English teachers from the District of Columbia presented sample lessons.

Stacey Porter, a fourth grade teacher at Hite Elementary School in Louisville, Ky., said that the new standards, which are fewer and deeper, give students the time they need to grasp complex math concepts.

Here are articles by some of the conference's panelists:

How does one sift through the many claims and counterclaims about the Common Core? A reporter will likely be coming to a classroom near you to find out.