The power of questions

The Importance of Asking Questions to Promote Higher-Order Competencies

Maurice Elias shares thoughts on how asking the right questions at the right time can lead to powerful learning for students.

He writes: "The way we ask questions fosters students' alternative and more complex representations of stories, events, and circumstances, and their ability to process the world in a wider range of ways, to create varying degrees of distance between themselves and the basis events in front of them, is a distinct advantage to learning."

This reminds me of something Daniel Pink eloquently offers in his book To Sell is Human, that one powerful way to influence and motivate others is to ask the right questions.

Pink tells "The key here is that we tend to think that persuasion or motivation is something that one person does to another...What the social science tells us very clearly is that it’s really something that people do for themselves. And your job as a persuader, as a motivator, is to reset the context and surface people’s own reasons for doing something. Because it works a lot better.”

So I ask you: How do you come up with the right questions to ask your students?