Flipping your faculty meeting

Tech & Learning: “Flipping your faculty meeting”
Tech & Learning Flipping your faculty meeting http://www.techlearning.com/features/0039/flipping-your-faculty-meetings/53436

As stated last week, I learned a great many things and heard about new ideas in action from educators while at the 22nd Annual Model Schools Conference. One such idea, at least new for me, is the flipped faculty meeting. I've heard a great deal about the flipped classroom over the past few years as I'm sure many of you have. I was interested to hear that school leaders are implementing the idea themselves for staff meetings. Today’s link from Tech & Learning has some tips on how to do it as well as reasons to consider it. I also found this post from a principal discussing his experience. One aspect I admire about his post is that part of the inspiration to flip his faculty meeting was seeing how his teachers were flipping their classrooms with positive results.  From there, as a leader, he chose to model the idea and hopefully inspire his staff to try it themselves plus provide them a more engaging staff meeting.

I'm curious to hear more examples. Have you participated in or led a flipped staff meeting?