Reading, writing and coding

 //  Mar 7, 2014

Reading, writing and coding

There is no denying today’s students are learning in an age where information is available anytime and anywhere. From smartphones and iPads to Google Glass and social media platforms, this generation is one of the most tech savvy groups around.  

Thanks to technology many of the careers today’s students will hold don’t even exist yet. Common careers like app developers or social media managers weren’t even a thought 20 years ago. And jobs that were crucial 20 years ago are fading away, or have long been eliminated. 

As technology continues to advance, it is our job to prepare students to be successful in the world they live in. So it should come as no surprise that schools around the country are placing greater emphasis on computer science courses. 

According to the article “Computer Science: Not Just an Elective Anymore,” in Education Week, 17 states and the District of Columbia now have policies in place that allow computer science to count as a mathematics or science credit, rather than as an elective.

A computer science course involves more than just putting students in front of a computer. The courses often teach them the algorithm process involving hardware, software, and programming, and computer coding. According to, 60 percent of STEM-related jobs are currently in computing.

But don’t let curriculum scare you—as mentioned in the article, third graders from Flint, Michigan, are learning computer-coding techniques through the household game “Angry Birds.”

With any new curriculum there will be challenges. From finding qualified teachers to training current educators, instituting computer science courses in all schools across the country won’t happen overnight, but when it does happen it will be beneficial for every student.


Surely, technology has given

Surely, technology has given a new dimension to education system. Today, kids can learn from anywhere. Online <a href="">tutoring</a> is modern world technology that will change the game. It has become possible because of advancement in digital world, and that digital world is still developing only because of computer science. So, it can be understood that computer science is the future.