On the cover of Instructor Magazine: Boy trouble

 //  Dec 13, 2013

On the cover of Instructor Magazine: Boy trouble

If you follow education news, you’ve seen the disturbing stats about boys failing in school. Boys are 30% more likely than girls to flunk or drop out of school. They’re twice as likely to get suspended. And they are 4.5 times more likely to get expelled.

Boys are falling behind in academics as well, scoring lower than girls on standardized tests at almost every grade level.

Everyone seems to be trying to figure out the reason why. The Atlantic’s Jessica Lahey argues that boys’ behavioral issues affect teachers’ grading practices. TIME’s Christina Hoff Sommers cites zero-tolerance policies as the major roadblock to boys’ success. Countless other journalists, teachers, and experts have offered up their ideas on brain-based differences, lack of male role models, and more.

The truth is that there is no one size fits all reason, but “why” is the wrong question to ask.

Let’s change the conversation from “why” to “what.” What can we do to help? In the new issue of Instructor, we offer practical classroom strategies that have already proven successful in closing the achievement gap for boys. Read the article, “Why Boys Fail (and What You Can Do About It),” to find five key ways you can help boys in your classroom succeed—starting now.