Family & Community


Inviting the Community In: How Engaging Volunteers Can Improve Literacy Outcomes

Chris Otis  //  Apr 30, 2019

Scholastic Professional

How to Host a Successful K–2 Family Engagement Event

Ellen Lewis M.Ed.  //  Mar 14, 2019


Creating Opportunities to Reach Families

John Althardt  //  Nov 27, 2018

Summer Reading

A Summer Reading Movement, Emerging from Family Engagement

Dr. Ansel Sanders  //  Jul 25, 2018


How Superintendents Can Help Reduce Chronic Absence

Hedy Chang  //  Jul 11, 2018

Family and Community Engagement

Why Not? How to Build Innovative Community Partnerships

Dr. Jacqueline Sanderlin  //  Jul 10, 2018

Summer Reading

Striving and Thriving: Supporting All Students in Summer Reading

Eileen Sprague  //  Jun 28, 2018

Social-Emotional Learning

Empower Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Dr. Lauren Sanchez Gilbert  //  May 16, 2018

Summer Reading

The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge is Now Open

Scholastic  //  May 7, 2018


Making Sense of School Segregation (or Trying to)

Julia Graeper  //  May 4, 2018

Summer Reading

Registration Is Now Open for the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge

Scholastic  //  Apr 9, 2018

Summer Reading

Twitter Chat Recap: #SummerReaders with Pam Allyn

Julia Graeper  //  Apr 5, 2018


Let’s Pledge to Make Literacy a Year-Round Priority

Michael Haggen  //  Mar 6, 2018


The Five Most-Read Posts of 2017

Julia Graeper  //  Jan 3, 2018

Education News

Roundup: Four Big Education Stories in 2017

Julia Graeper  //  Dec 20, 2017

Family Engagement

Parents Need an Accurate Picture of Their Child’s Progress

Bibb Hubbard  //  Dec 6, 2017

Learning Supports

Instruction alone is not enough to help all students succeed

Paul Reville  //  Nov 27, 2017


Update from Puerto Rico

Julia Graeper  //  Nov 17, 2017

Family Engagement

If I could do my family engagement all over again...

Jenni Brasington  //  Oct 18, 2017


The impact of hunger on achievement, & addressing lunch-shaming

Julia Graeper  //  Oct 4, 2017