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Thinking of the Common Core as a starting point

Tyler Reed July 12th, 2013

Here's an interesting post from Catherine Gewertz of Ed Week about what she sees as a possible shifting in the rhetoric around the Common Core.

By thinking of the...

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Ed Week's first superintendents poll

Tyler Reed July 10th, 2013

Education Week and Gallup just released their first (they're planning to do four every year) Superintendents Panel poll. There's some interesting data in there on...

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Video: Sir Ken Robinson on the importance of finding one's passion

Tyler Reed July 9th, 2013

Here's a fantastic and beautifully built short video from The RSA in the UK featuring Sir Ken Robinson. In it, he explains why schools and communities can do more to help...

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#MondayLinks: An exercise in creative thinking

Tyler Reed July 8th, 2013

Scott McLeod spotted this great video of an exercise a teacher did that shows how the wording of a question can kill creativity -- or how it can unleash it!

#MondayLinks: Can taking a ‘first guess’ help you learn?

Tyler Reed July 8th, 2013

Dan Willingham writes about some useful research here that shows evidence of what he calls "the testing effect," that taking a first guess at an answer (in this case, the...

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#MondayLinks: Reading can slow cognitive decline

Tyler Reed July 8th, 2013

Even more evidence here of the healthfulness of reading. A new study shows that people who read more (early in life even more so, but also later in life) have sharper...

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Map: State by state membership in assessment consortia compiled by Ed Week

Tyler Reed June 28th, 2013

Here's a handy-dandy map for all you Common Core watchers. Compiled and continually updated by Ed Week's editorial staff, it shows which states are members of which...

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Will ‘wearable tech’ be useful in education?

Tyler Reed June 23rd, 2013

Will Google Glass be a game-changer in education?

Readying kids for success by empowering parents

Tyler Reed June 20th, 2013

This is a great story reinforcing something that has been understood for a long time, but can never be repeated enough: The involvement of a child's parents in their...

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Getting ready to make the most of ISTE 2013

Tyler Reed June 19th, 2013

I'll be attending my third ISTE next week and, like every year, I know there won't be enough time in the day to take advantage of everything the massive ed tech convention...

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