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A school designed to make learning game-like

Tyler Reed August 9th, 2013

Quest to Learn is a fascinating new school in New York City that has designed an approach to learning and pedagogy using gaming principles. It leverages the digital lives...

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Will Common Core perpetuate a 'civics gap' in education?

Tyler Reed August 7th, 2013

America's public school system is, I'd argue, our greatest government service -- an institution meant to provide opportunity and level the playing field, and without which...

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Considering the goals and validity of standardized tests

Tyler Reed August 5th, 2013

Dan Willingham has an excellent post here raising some essential questions about standardized tests that we bloggers ought to consider -- no matter our opinions about them...

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What are an educator's indispensable tech tools?

Tyler Reed July 23rd, 2013

A couple of recent blog posts I’ve read have me thinking: What are an educator's indispensable tech tools?

Scientific American issue focusing on digital learning

Tyler Reed July 18th, 2013

Scientific American magazine has a "Special Report" on digital learning in its August issue. Big data, gaming and MOOCs... Oh my!

Neil deGrasse Tyson: ‘I'm good at it because I like it.’

Tyler Reed July 18th, 2013

Here's a gem of a tweet from Neil deGrasse Tyson earlier today -- a great lesson for kids to work hard at what you love, and that passion is usually a precursor to...

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Fostering a ‘works in progress’ mindset for teachers

Tyler Reed July 17th, 2013

Much attention is being paid to the importance of helping every student develop a "growth mindset" about their learning. Our brains are constantly changing, and if a...

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A belief that every child can learn to read

Tyler Reed July 16th, 2013

"Everybody, everybody at Scholastic believes that every kid can read well and that being a good reader is part of life," our Margery Mayer said during this NPR...

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Q & A: Jodi Grant of the Afterschool Alliance

Tyler Reed July 16th, 2013

A longtime partner of Scholastic and one of our Literacy Champions, the Afterschool Alliance works to ensure that all children have access to affordable, quality...

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Accumulating mental capital: 401(k) for the brain?

Tyler Reed July 15th, 2013

Last week, I linked up an article about research showing that reading can help slow cognitive decline in old age.

Annie Murphy Paul riffs of the same topic here,...

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