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Visualizing the jobs of tomorrow for today's students

Anne Sparkman August 9th, 2013

We must educate today's students for the jobs of tomorrow - jobs we can't even envision yet.  Teachers, I think you've heard this a time or two, right?  It is a resounding...

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Try your hand at modern day test questions

Anne Sparkman August 9th, 2013

New York has been in the education news again as scores come out from a first wave of tests that incorporate the Common Core.  An incredibly important issue as we will...

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Quote: To say I have a "good" job does not suffice...

Anne Sparkman July 31st, 2013

As we look to the new school year, quotes such as these paint inspiring pictures of how dedicated America's teachers truly are.

From Primary Sources 2012: America's...

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Defining surroundings, defining learning

Anne Sparkman July 30th, 2013

Attending the Mickelson ExxonMobil Teachers Academy last week left my mind spinning with educational ideas and refreshed with fond memories of my best teachers.  This...

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The Deeper Purpose of Learning: Satisfaction

Anne Sparkman July 29th, 2013

Cord Ivanyi, a veteran teacher of many ages, provided this commentary to Ed Week and I wanted to share. I enjoyed reading the whole piece but particularly like the closing...

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State Ed Leaders believe Common Core will move forward, but not without concern

Anne Sparkman July 26th, 2013

With the new school year just around the corner and the Common Core State Standards debate continuing, I thought this was interesting to share from the Center on Education...

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70 percent—a new stat to raise alarm in education

Anne Sparkman July 15th, 2013

I have had the privilege—and crazy schedule—of attending several education conferences over the past few weeks where heard a lot about the Common Core. The standards are...

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Quote: Childhood and favorite books

Anne Sparkman July 3rd, 2013

I recently heard Margery Mayer give a speech while accepting the Corporate Award from the Education Commission of the States on behalf of Scholastic and she shared with us...

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New themed-based K-6 collections—and a contest!

Anne Sparkman June 25th, 2013

With the Common Core State Standards requiring students to dive deep into rigorous texts and focus on nonfiction to build knowledge, educators have been telling us they...

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Quote: I am not just an educator...

Anne Sparkman June 14th, 2013

This so simply puts how complicated it can be to be a teacher today.  You each wear so many hats all in one day!

From Primary Sources 2012: America's Teachers on...

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